Maximizing Benefits From Incorporating

Leaving No Stone Unturned

The biggest benefit of incorporating is reducing your income taxes. Incorporation is also an important tool used for building your wealth and mitigating risks.

FWH will help you maximize the benefits of incorporating by understanding your complete financial picture. We will do this by:

  • reviewing your corporate structure and helping you understand it and why it is structured that way
  • determining the appropriate salary and dividend mix for your compensation and that of your family
  • identifying income-splitting opportunities with your family members who are 18 and older to reduce your income taxes
  • identifying tax-deferral opportunities, such as purchasing tax-exempt life insurance, corporate-class investing and investing in your corporation versus paying down your personal debt
  • maximizing the tax-deductible expenses of your company. Sometimes, clients pay for certain expenses personally which should be deducted by the company, such as life insurance, the cost of home internet, your personal computer, home office expenses and automobile costs.
  • developing creditor-protection strategies, such as using an investment holding company or a family trust