Quarterbacking Your Financial Needs

FWH Acts as Your Team Leader

A team is much more than the players who take the field. The coaches (or in our case, advisors) play a critical role in developing the game plan and guiding the team to a successful outcome.

At FWH, we provide you with solid advice and implement strategies, which give you the best chance at success. We do this by striving to be the focal point of your financial wellbeing.

As new opportunities arise, we will coordinate with the other members of your financial team, such as your lawyer, investment advisor and insurance broker, so that each team member is aware of what is going on and what the impacts of these changes are.

FWH recognizes you may not have the expertise or time to do this effectively and provides you with peace of mind in knowing that we are looking out for your interests.

What if I don’t have a team of advisors in place?

Your FWH advisor will recommend advisors we have previously worked with who have a proven track record of working with clients facing similar situations as you.