Process of Incorporating

Incorporating Doesn’t Take Long

Incorporating usually takes about a month to complete and will require work by FWH and a lawyer.

 What steps are involved in incorporating?

The steps include:

  • meeting with FWH – we will ask you about your medical practice, family situation and other long-term objectives to determine how best to structure the corporation. We will use the information gathered to provide instructions to the lawyer to guide the incorporation process.
  • preparation of legal documents by the lawyer
  • signing of legal documents – you will need to meet with the lawyer to sign the documents.
  • filing of regulatory paperwork – the lawyer will then file the documents with the appropriate regulatory bodies. Once this has been done, a medical permit in the name of the corporation will be issued and you can begin operating your medical practice under the new corporation name.

Other tasks that may need to be completed include:

  • preparing employment agreements for you and your spouse or children (assuming they are working for the corporation and are drawing a salary)